Park Place Design Group

Park Place Design Group is a full-service company with over 15 years of experience in urban and regional planning, urban design, landscape architecture and economic development. Our primary base is Singapore, our China office is based in Shanghai.

We are known for a creative approach, inclusive processes and enthusiasm that we bring to each project. Park Place Design Group successfully combines big-picture planning, innovative physical designs and effective creative public input programs to create solutions that our client communities implement to realize their visions of the future. We understand the issues that organizations and governmental agencies face having worked in communities of all sizes across the Europe.

Since our founding, we have had a comprehensive design-based planning approach to sustainable community development and revitalization. For us each project reflects a uniquely innovative emphasis on interactive public involvement.

Park Place Design Group's team of experts is dedicated to providing innovative, effective and practical design and planning in a collaborative atmosphere. We ensure that each project is completed on schedule, within budget and addresses each client’s specific needs.

We at Park Place Design Group are recognized for our personalized service, enthusiasm and creativity for which we have been honored with numerous awards.