The Firm

Park Place Design Group has extensive strategic planning and project development and implementation expertise, which includes all aspects of a project from initial conception, through detailed analysis to successful implementation. Our work is primarily done in-house, with expertise drawn on from supplementary specialist consultants as required.

We have been involved in many of Asia's most successful urban renewal programs. These redevelopment projects were planned on the basis of long-term sustainability of all aspects of the projects. An important common denominator with each of these redevelopment projects has been the efficient and creative use of land, the greater utility of support infrastructure and stakeholder participation.

Park Place Design Group strives to:

  • Influence and improve outcomes that impact on quality of life
  • Offer valued and respected judgments
  • Provide sustainable solutions and results for a wide range of projects

Main characteristics of our work are:

  • Mature judgment borne from significant project experience, particularly in urban design and land use planning
  • Advanced technical skills in all aspects of project management and analysis
  • Links to State Government decision makers